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Advanced Content Management

Covalent Media Systems provides a secure environment for encrypting, managing and securing sharing any asset, both inside and outside the firewall, online or offline, anywhere on any type of device.

Our accelerated file transfer utility securely moves any size and type of files.

Secure web and mobile applications allow users to quickly and efficiently view, search, and share multiple layers of documents, and media files. Every document and media file is tracked with deep metadata. This creates intuitive connections between items from the same project offering a powerful new approach to content management.

Administrative tasks are a snap, from metadata imports, to dynamic user/device access permissions, to state-of-the-art video transcoding and publishing, to folder hierarchy creations. Covalent's suite of advanced content management tools covers all this, and more!

Covalent has been a proven and trusted partner with some of Hollywood's biggest filmmakers, protecting and managing their entire supply chain of assets (both internally and with external vendors), from pre-production contracts and scripts, to raw footage dailies, to final cut archives. Our agility and flexibility of our system has enabled our clients to innovate custom solutions, including the monetization stock footage and facilitation of marketing and publicity efforts.

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Data Security

Covalent Media Systems' unique, data encryption and distribution platform provides multiple layers of protection for any type of asset, anywhere on any device, both inside and outside the firewall. End-to-end AES 256-bit encryption is only the beginning. We extend that military-grade encryption dynamically, making every click secure. In addition, our platform supports "dynamic at-rest encryption," wrapping a second layer of security around each individual asset while in transit as well as when it's static.

But our platform's security capabilities don't stop there! From our deep user/device authentications to our dynamic access URLs to our mobile app, Covalent's data security platform answers the need for a holistic, 360-degree protection capability that manages your entire information supply chain, with speed and reliability. Further details (including best-in-class security reviews by third party auditors) are available upon request.

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Risk Management and Physical Security Governance

Physical security governance, risk management and compliance have never been easier, or more secure!

Covalent software facilitates and automates in real-time:

  • Risk assessment processes
  • Data collection for each site
  • Facility risk calculation (risk tier 1 - 4)
  • Risk-based security guidelines and standards based on tier
  • Compliance assessment with physical security guidelines
    • Facility compliance score
    • Implementation plan and budget
  • Enterprise reporting

With real-time data scrubbing, updates & reports, and geo-targeted scoring and analysis from secured data inputs from any device, the Covalent platform ensures fast, easy-to-use, cost-effective deployments resulting in more immediate security improvements and more precise resource planning. Automated data collection and analysis combined with inter-operability and easy integration with other security and data applications converts to scalability, substantial cost savings, and short-term ROI realization! Learn more!

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